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This site was created to support the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA), their chapters and members in the Southeast Texas Region by providing a means for the CMA members to connect with prospective buyers. All designated Run for the Son proceeds are pledges made by the members selling their items and are based on the honor system. No money transactions are made via this website. However records of membership pledges will be kept as a reference only for chapters if they choose to access them.

Run for the Son pledges are recorded crediting the Chapter and the member selling the item.

The seller will receive a confirmation email that will include the contact information for this site.

Contact with me can also be made using the form found on the ‘Contact Us’ page of the site.

The items are listed by their type in four categories:

The Pledges -

When an item is listed, the seller will enter a price for the item. The seller will be asked to enter a percentage amount of the price as a Run for the Son pledge.

The pledge percentages are from 10% to 100% in increments of 10%. The default value is 100%.

(Note that this website is based on the honor system and as such, there is no way the manager of this website can know if any pledge has been upheld.)

The Sale -

A prospective buyer contacts the seller with the buyers chosen contact information (email and/or mobile) from the item’s information page. The prospective buyer is then contacted by the seller using the contact information that the Buyer sent them.

Once contact is made between the Seller and a prospective Buyer, negotiations are made between the two parties regarding price, logistics (Shipping) and/or delivery arrangements to the buyer.

Notification of the Sale -

Once the sell of the item is complete, It is the responsibility of the Seller to contact this site about the sale of the item so that the item can be removed from the website. If a different price is negotiated with the buyer than that listed on the website, the updated price must be communicated to this site so that adjustments can be made to the item record.

Record Keeping -

As stated earlier, this is an honor system. Record keeping for the pledges made on the site is for chapter leadership reference only.

If the chapter leadership chooses to do so, they may inquire about their membership’s participation in the site and the totals of their pledges that have been completed (items sold).

How It Works

To God goes all the glory!

It is my only hope and prayer that this site is used to benefit the Kingdom of God and the cause of Christ Jesus. It is my joy to provide the means by which chapter membership can grow their Run for the Son donations and in turn benefit and grow the CMA, their chapter and the reach of the ministry.

May God bless each and every one of you,

Gary Teel

The Listings -

Items are listed by CMA membership utilizing the ‘List Your Stuff’ form located on the site. The form will submit all of the pertinent information regarding the item for sale including up to 6 photos of the item that must be no larger than 3 MB each. The submission must include at least one photo of the item. Included in the form as well is the seller’s information.